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Abstract Submission Deadline: 15th September, 2019

Abstract Submission Guidelines
  • • Abstracts are invited from all the registered delegates for presenting their research studies and case reports in the field of Sleep Medicine.
  • • Presenting author must be a registered delegate for the conference.
  • • Presenting author must be the first author of the abstract.
  • • An author/presenter may submit more than one abstract for presentation, however their acceptance and consideration is subject to decision of the SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE of International Conference on Sleep Disorder 2019.
  • • Abstract to be submitted at
  • • Only Structured abstracts as per given format will be considered.
  • • ABSTRACT must contain original Data.
  • • ABSTRACT should be typed with single spaces, in English, using at least a font size of 10 points, within the designated space not exceeding 250 words.
  • • The maximum words permitted in the title are 15. The abstract should be in an order as follows:
    1. Title
    2. Authors names and affiliations
    3. Aims & Objectives
    4. Materials & Methods
    5. Observations
    6. Conclusion
  • • For any queries on abstracts please write to us at – or call Mr. Rakesh Amte - +91 98231 51504

Abstract Format Guidelines
  • • Abstracts must be written only in English.
  • • Abstracts should have a clear hypothesis and methodology, list all authors’ names and institutions, and designate a corresponding author. The linguistic accuracy of the abstract is the responsibility of the authors.
  • ABSTRACT: Title should begin with capital letter followed by the lower case lettering.
  • AUTHORS: Authors’ information to be included:
    • o Authors’ full name.
    • o Affiliations: include department, institute/university, city, country.
    • o Name, surname and e-mail address of presenting author.
  • LENGTH: The body of text can be a maximum of 250 words and include up to 2 references and 1 figure or table. References and figures/tables do not count towards the total word count.
  • • STRUCTURE: Abstracts should be written in a structured format and include:
    • o BACKGROUND/INTRODUCTION: it should summarize the current knowledge in relation to the work.
    • o OBJECTIVES: it should state the aim of the study.
    • o METHODS: it should summarize the design of the study, the context in which it was done, the type of patients or measurements that were included.
    • o RESULTS: it should describe the main results of the study.
    • o CONCLUSIONS: it should summarize findings of the study and their potential implications.
Case reports are also acceptable and they should be structured as follows: Background/Introduction, Case report and Conclusion.
  • REFERENCES (optional): Authors can insert up to 2 references if considered important for the study.
  • FIGURE/TABLE: Authors can include up to 1 figure OR 1 table. It must to be included in the abstract document. Abstract cannot have more than one figure/table.
  • DISCLOSURE OF FUNDING SOURCE(S): Abstracts must provide the funding source (industry name, grant name, or other applicable funding) if one exists.
  • • Abbreviations should be defined.
  • • Commercial names, trade names and company brands should not be mentioned in the abstract title. However, they may be mentioned in the body of text.
  • • Abstract containing elements that might lead to patient identification shall be disqualified.

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